John Augustine, CLU®, CLTC, ChFC®, RICP®, AIF®

Independent Consultant


Phone: 262.781.8000

Email: [email protected]

Brookfield Office

About John

John is passionate about his mission and calling as a financial advisor focusing on life planning, so clients’ dreams can be realized, and charitable giving, so others’ dreams can be realized. He wants all his clients to “live with passion and purpose, free from financial worry.”

John’s work ethic stems from his early life on a farm and later as an inner-city pastor in New York City and New Jersey. He has been a financial advisor since 1992 and has been an independent advisor since 2002. John’s experience, expertise, and service to his clients have been recognized in the financial services industry through various awards and speaking opportunities.

As an independent financial consultant, John is able to offer informed, impartial, and tailored guidance for each client. He is a life advisor who can help with comprehensive, customized planning needs. John incorporates wealth management, long-term needs, risk management, income needs, and life goals in his planning process. John’s specialty is retirement income planning, and he is passionate about helping clients reach their goals and dreams.

John and his wife, Jenny, are the parents of three grown children. John is actively involved in church, community, family, and golf when time permits.

John's Story

John was born in Iowa and grew up on a small farm. He worked for a neighboring farmer, working up to 12-hour days during planting, summer, and harvesting times. His parents first hired him to take down a corncrib at 6 years old for a penny a nail.


John raised pigs which paid for his college and seminary tuition in full. He graduated from Wartburg College in 1981. Those four years were foundational and formative, becoming a springboard for adventure in the years to come. After college, John went on to Wartburg Seminary; he headed to Denver thereafter for an inner-city experience that would change his life. He sought out inner-city ministry opportunities in Chicago and New York City and became a pastor at the age of 25 in a church in the South Bronx. John and his wife, Jenny, had three young children with little money when John decided to become more of a “tentmaker,” spurring him to look for a job to support the family while he continued with city ministry. He found an opportunity with Prudential for fast-track agents and after one year he became “Rookie of the Year” (with a circle of acquaintances which at that time consisted of other inner-city pastors, Catholic priests, and people who were either working poor or on welfare). John’s Lutheran roots steered him to join Lutheran Brotherhood, where he was again the “Rookie of the Year.” He decided to become an independent financial advisor in 2002 and is now with Commonwealth Financial Network.

John loves his work as a financial life planner focusing on accumulating, the protection of savings, and charitable giving. He is a sought-after industry speaker, recognized by industry professionals and clients and has been a member of Million Dollar Round Table*. John feels so fortunate to be able to be fulfilled, independent, and passionate for and about his work. His company mission statement is to help clients “live with passion and purpose, free from financial worry.” He knows that what he does is a ministry and he helps people from all walks of life.